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Time Tunnel Poster

Title Time Tunnel Poster
Program GIMP
Description As part of Relay for Life in Second Life (2014), my team made a steampunk time tunnel. One of my jobs was to make a poster to advertise it. The writing and layout was based on posters for the Hydrarchos - a scam from 1845 where a fake sea serpent skeleton was put on display. The background is a scan of tea-stained paper and I drew the time tunnel picture (based on the actual build in Second Life). The font is Berylium by Typodermic Fonts.

The text reads:

Doctor Falcon's Wondrous

Being the most advanced temporal viewing apparatus created by modern science, the time tunnel is truly a mechanical marvel. The teaching of history will be revolutionised by the ability to see any time period! Stare in wonder at the secrets of the past!

As this extraordinary creation is prone to random disappearance after a certain time, the opportunity of seeing it is consequently


Note that any feelings of nausea, or a tendency to disappear from existence, are completely unrelated to use of the time tunnel. It has been certified as almost safe, as only one of the initial volunteers failed to reappear in a timely manner.

Admittance, Fifty Lindens
Tinies Half Price

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