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I started AS Art and Design: Fine Art (the first year of the AQA A-level) in 2013. Unit two is based on a list of topics set by AQA. The preparatory work is similar to unit one, but there's less time to complete it and there's a supervised five-hour period near the end. I chose multicultural society, and focused on my local community. The final piece was based on the lion dancing at the local Chinese New Year celebration. I generally enjoyed this project more than unit one, as there was more freedom to choose artists. But the limited time made it difficult to do enough for the higher grades. I also felt my approach to this one was less focused and was a rather superficial representation of culture in places.

Artists: Meschac Gaba; Ai Weiwei; Yayoi Kusama; Vergie Banks; Anish Kapoor; Bingyi; Christian Boltanski

Visits: New Year Celebration; Also references a previous visit to a Yayoi Kusama exhibit.

Final grade for unit two: B

(I'm still in the process of putting up the art for this unit, so more to come.)

Multicultural Society - Sketchbook Highlights

Bottles Panorama 1 Panorama 2 Panorama 3

Multicultural Society - Final Piece

Final Piece 1 Final Piece 2 Lion at the Art Show

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