Polenth's Nothing

Art... Pre-2005

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My teenaged art and beyond (until 2005). I mainly worked with coloured pencils and black ink on A4 paper stolen from the printer or letter paper. I got some artist-quality coloured pencils towards the end.

My "Using Cheap Kid's Art Supplies" Phase

Shooting Dragons Dragon Larvae Dustbot Necromancer Acyd Stargazer Caduceus Windswept Forest Glade

My "Art Supplies Ahoy!" Phase

Explorer Frost Sea Dragon Pantheon Ramani Dandelion Dancer Fire and Water Flame Gryphon Easter Bunny Fairytale Castles Playmates Ghost Goblin Maiden Pantheon Satyr Sea Unicorn Albino Shadows Giant

The Leftovers

Kraken Christmas Firedrake Grumpy Mushroom Dragon and Zebra

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