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Dragon and Zebra

Title Dragon and Zebra
Media String with Photo Background
Description As the tiny five-inch zebra goes to take a bite out of a tasty mushroom, the mushroom's owner flies out to see what the intruder is up to.

The fairy dragon is a simple design, and quite small, but can be made with short oddments of string. He's made with two strands, doubled over, and started at the nose. The head is crowning, the body a flat sinnet, and the tail made by half-hitching for a natural curl and taper. The wings are tied with the same strands, not added in later. The tail is finished off with whipping in gold thread, and the eyes are sewn on. The zebra was tied with eight strands of white, and five of black for the stripes. It is mostly formed by crowning.

I made the designs, though the general technique for making such animals from crowing and sinnets is an old one.

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