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by Polenth Blake

Sunstruck: illustration of a blue jay on a vine.


Genre: Urban Fantasy / Novel
Series: The Bigfoot Mysteries #1
First Publication Date: 15 March, 2014
Approximate Length: 75000 Words
First Three Chapters: Web Version

ASIN (Kindle Edition): B00J1A69P0
ISBN (Epub): 9781311744968


The Spokane Ecology Board covers up supernatural incidents, under the pretence of enforcing environmental laws. It's a dull job of sightseeing thunderbirds and pixie outbreaks. Until the team gets murdered.

Ari is the replacement team's Bigfoot liaison. Armed with everything she's learned from detective shows, she's ready to find the murderer. The downside is the job comes with a human partner, who smells of air freshener and lines up his desk like a math project. He's only a scientist, so it's not like he knows anything about magical crimes.

Ben Cabot grew up hearing stories about Bigfoot, but they failed to mention a love of the internet or an aversion to throwing wrappers away. But there's more out of place than an untidy work partner. Someone's messed with the case files, and that means the killer might be closer than they think.


The Kindle edition is available on the following Amazon sites: USA; UK; Germany; France; Spain; Italy; Netherlands; Japan; India; Canada; Brazil; Mexico; Australia

The epub edition is available on these sites: Smashwords; Apple; Barnes & Noble / Nook; Kobo


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Content Guide

The novel primarily has supernatural violence, but does touch on real issues such as racial microaggressions and attitudes towards mental illness. There are bar scenes and references to alcohol. It includes fictional versions of animal people, thunderbirds and skinwalkers (word used a few times), along with some references to owls.

Viewpoint Character Representation: [Ari] Marginalised Non-Human, Questioning. [Ben] Spokane (Native American), Two-Spirit, Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD).
Relationships: Developing friendship between viewpoint characters. Scenes with a potential romantic love interest.
Sex: None. Brief mention that porn websites exist.
Violence: Murder mystery, dead body descriptions, fight scenes, injury, no main character deaths.
Swearing: Some swearing, usually from secondary characters.

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