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Rainbow Lights

by Polenth Blake

Rainbow Lights Cover: a rainbow squid in chalk pastels on a black background.


Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy / Short Story Collection
First Publication Date: 23 May, 2013
Approximate Length: 66000 Words

ASIN (Kindle Edition): B00CZ2JDV8
ISBN (Epub): 9781301485833


A deep-sea robot tells stories in every colour, but no shade can describe meeting a giant squid.

Rainbow Lights is the first collection by science fiction and fantasy author Polenth Blake. Alien scorpions, vampire ice cream sellers and clockwork flies, try to find their place in worlds where being human is optional. These thirty-five stories and poems are a mixture of new pieces and work published in venues like Nature, Strange Horizons and ChiZine.


The Kindle edition is available on the following Amazon sites: USA; UK; Germany; France; Spain; Italy; Netherlands; Japan; India; Canada; Brazil; Mexico; Australia

The epub edition is available on these sites: Smashwords; Apple; Barnes & Noble / Nook


These social book sites have pages for the book: Goodreads; LibraryThing


Items featuring the cover artwork can be purchased from the following places: Zazzle; Society6

Table of Contents

Some of the stories and poems are available online. Links are provided after the titles.


  • A Broken Voice
  • Ten Easy Steps
  • An Accidental Knight
  • The Message



  • Grandmother's Dreaming
  • Carousel Princess (available online)
  • The Anti-Goose Brigade
  • The Rules of Safe Duck Keeping
  • The Dragonfly People


  • Visions of Destruction Series, Mixed Media
  • Missed Connection: Lizard in the Dog Park (available online)
  • Beetle Species of the Burnt Coast
  • War of the Roses (available online)


  • Through Amber Eyes (available online)
  • The Monsters in the Gaps
  • Letters to a Fungus
  • Honey Thief


  • Berries on a Vine
  • To Laugh at Acorns
  • Whirligig Fingers and Globular Thumbs
  • Clockwork Fly
  • Thwarting the Fiends



  • Pickled Independence
  • Where Angels Dwell
  • The Road to the Beach
  • A Gift of Pearls

Content Guide

The collection has a mixture of lighter and darker stories. Themes from the darker pieces include blood, injury, death and references to child harm.

Sex: None
Violence: Varies from none to graphic
Swearing: Infrequent swearing in some stories

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