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By Means of Clockwork Selection

by Polenth Blake

Clockwork Selection Cover: copper and blue gears on a rusted metal background.


Genre: Steampunk / Novelette
Series: Clockwork Plague #1
First Publication Date: 11 August, 2013
Approximate Length: 8000 words

ASIN (Kindle Edition): B00EH0XNS0
ISBN (Epub): 9781311469250

Publication Note

This novelette is no longer available to buy as an individual book. It can be downloaded from Patreon (no Patreon account needed) here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/steampunk-4462175. It will later be available as part of the next full-length short story collection.


Connie survived the plague that devastated plants, animals and clockwork alike. Her life has settled into the relative peace of farming clockwork ponies and marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Bess. But the threat of plague is never far away. Mutated oaks are spreading over the ruins of London and stories of outbreaks abound. She fears the worst when a pony collapses, but the true cause is far more surprising. It might be the key to rebuilding the world.

Content Guide

The novelette touches on some of the social issues of the Victorian era, such as slavery and gender roles. It's set in a world after a pandemic.

Sex: None
Violence: Mild
Swearing: None

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