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A selection of shorter work, split by approximate length. The stories are mostly fantasy and science fiction.

Short Stories

Title Word Count Genre/Theme Comments
The Squid Who Lived Forever 3500 Science Fiction Opening story of Rainbow Lights.

Flash Fiction / Micro Fiction

Title Word Count Genre/Theme Comments
Reflections 995 Contemporary Fantasy; Surreal Trains and mirrors.
Forever Flowerless 950 Science Fiction  
Coconut Crisis 835 Horror; Humour  
Immortal Truths 160 Fantasy A dialogue story.
Chester the Third 935 Domestic Fantasy Life on the farm.
Today's Shopping List: Wheat Field, Two Acres 97 Fantasy; Shopping List A list story.
The Price of a Soul 100 Fantasy First published by Flashshot.
Garg Tuffle Tales 6 x 15 Science Fiction; Silly; Aliens Snurffle.

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