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A series of six word stories, inspired by lack of sleep.

Garg Tuffle Tales

  • Garg Tuffles invade Earth! Humans giggle.
  • Chef cooks Garg Tuffle. Chicken flavour.
  • Garg Tuffle spots slime. Wuffles joyously.
  • Earth’s riskiest hobby announced - Tuffle Tickling.
  • What are Garg Tuffles? Debate continues.
  • Global warming worsens. Garg Tuffles blamed.
  • Garg Tuffle sleeps; hamster steals dinner.
  • Aliens invade! Garg Tuffles eat well.
  • Slug meets Garg Tuffle. Swaps slime.
  • Statue unveiled. Garg Tuffles snurffle proudfully.
  • Egg cracks. Thump. Baby Garg Tuffle!
  • Hamster vanishes. Babysitter despairs. Crafty tuffling.
  • Accident! Classmates laugh. Tuffling tearly wiffles.
  • Garg Tuffle picnic. Classmate candy. Yum!
  • Owner eaten. Ranch sold. Tuffles herd.

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